Which of these 10 Classic Wine Grapes are You?

Laurel Gray Which Wine Grape Are You CANVAGrowing wine grapes is, in many ways, similar to raising children. In order for your kids to grow up into pleasant and well-liked citizens they will require a lot of time, love and care on your part. In addition to that TLC, each child’s individual personality traits will also affect the way you raise them. The same kind of idea applies to grapes: to make the best wines they need the proper textbook care, but they also have their own distinct traits that influence your growing strategies. These subtle differences are what allow for so many unique and delicious wines!

We’ve put together a list of favorite varietal wine grapes and tried to imagine what they would be like if they were people based upon their unique traits. We bet that one of your favorites matches your personality!


If a Chardonnay grape was a person, they’d be very easy to get along with, but a little shy when first meeting people. Once they open up, they’re everyone’s favorite friend. However, their delicacy makes them susceptible to the thoughts and feelings of others, which could be a good thing or a bad thing.. They’re hard workers, but they’re the kind of person who can burn out quickly if they overexert themselves.


Pinot Gris

The Pinot Gris grape is the clean and lean next-door type. While they may not stand out among a crowd of lively and unique people, they’re refreshing because they’re down-to-earth but surprisingly hard to read. That in itself is a unique quality, no?



Riesling as a person would be the special snowflake among their friends. Loveable because of their ability to stand out just by being themselves, they might come across to others as racy because they’re comfortable with themselves physically and spiritually in ways that many other people aren’t. However, they mix well with most people, and others truly enjoy their company.


Sauvignon Blanc

To strangers, Sauvignon Blanc would be seen as aggressive, but in the minds of friends they’re just being fun and sassy. They have a zest for life and a sharp wit, but they also have the potential to be frequently anxious or nervous. This can be attributed to their high levels of energy. In general, this person is full of character.


Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is often described as being very difficult. They’re high maintenance and, perhaps, prone to illness and dehydration. However, they are full of personality, a real charmer and truly unforgettable folks if other people can appease them and their demands. This person may also be pretty health conscious.



Viogner personified is elegant, distinctive and akin to a dandy. They don’t like to work very hard, as they would much rather be lazing about or enjoying the finer things in life. They also probably enjoy engaging in purely intellectual endeavors that many others would find too heady or a waste of time. However, people really like them because they exude complexity and power.


Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon would be a very lively person who leads a full and rich life: friends, family, talents, and the like. The longer they live, love, and experience life, the better they become. Self-reflection and improvement are what they’re good at. Life never goes anywhere but up for them, thanks to their thick skin and ability to make it through the most difficult of times with a smile. It takes a lot to truly frustrate them, but on the off chance that this does happen, expect a lot of subtle and underhanded sarcasm from this person.



Merlot is the darling of their friend group. Their popularity may be due in part to their ability to adapt well to most situations. They know that it’s better to let things slide and adjust than to throw a fit and leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouths. Though they’re pretty lenient with everyone else, they’re are a hard worker and perfectionist (and sometimes need to be reigned in for a little perspective of the self).



If Syrah was a person, they would be intense, sexy and bold. Those who don’t know them and are quick to judge may see this sultriness and think of it as a negative quality . However, those you love them well know that they ooze with appeal because they’re confident and self-assured. They may be a whole lot to take in upon first introduction, but after time spent with them people discover that they are not as intimidating as they seemed.



Zinfandel personified has a young and fun-loving personality. Their friends enjoy them because they’re always the life of the party and an extremely generous people. However, they also have the capacity to wear many different masks if need be. They aren’t easily bothered or offended because they like to take everything in stride in order to keep the vibes up.

So now that you know the personalities of your varietals, which wine grape would you be? Let us know in the comments or share it on social media!

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