Earth Day Highlight: Laurel Gray’s Sustainable Practices

Laurel Gray's Sustainable Practices

The Myers family has been good stewards of the land here in the Swan Creek area of Yadkin County for 10 generations. This is not only where we work, it is our home, and we plan to ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy this beautiful farm as much as we do.

Here are some of our sustainable practices:

1. We mulch using our pruning cuttings. This puts the cuttings back into the vineyard floor, adding natural, nutrient rich organic material without harming any plants. We also compost our grape skins and seeds along with other organic material from around the farm, which is then recycled as potting soils, garden additives and plant nutrients.

2. We strive to manage vineyard pests with natural and organic practices whenever possible. We spend our resources wisely on manual labor, managing sunlight and air movement throughout the vine canopy and fruit zone. During the summer months, we are fortunate to have Purple Martin birds flock to our farm pond just prior to sunset. They are natural predators of mosquitos, flies, Japanese beetles and other insects that damage our grapes. There presence allows us to lower our use of pesticides.

3. There is a spring-fed pond that is stocked with fish located in the middle of our vineyard. This provides a fresh, clean ecosystem that helps us to monitor the health of our farm environment.

4. All glass products at Laurel Gray are sent to a recycling facility, and in the tasting room, we use only 100% recycled paper products for wine packaging.

5. Our well water is tested quarterly to assure we are using naturally pure and safe drinking water.

6. Our parking lot and drives are graveled, not paved. This allows rainwater to seep into the ground naturally without excess runoff.

7. We have preserved the old barns on the farm and returned them to their original 1930’s glory.

8. We place netting over our vines when grapes are ripening. This provides a safe and quiet means of control against deer and birds.

9. Yearly we hire a soil scientist to extract soil samples from multiple areas of the farm. These samples are tested to assure all nutrients, soil pH and micronutrients are balanced and correct so that we can work to keep our plants as healthy as possible.

The Myers family is proud of all we do to protect the land we work and live on. We hope you enjoy the beauty of our farm and the fruits of our labors as much as we do!

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