5 Reasons Why Wine is More Than Just a Beverage

wine-780102_640Andre Simon once said, “Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized.” Wine is thought of as just a drink to sit down and relax with. These 5 reasons prove why wine is more than just a beverage.


1.) It makes food taste better

Wine enthusiasts have long been pairing wine with food. Properly pairing the two can make any meal more delicious and more enjoyable.

Typically, you’ll want to pair mild wines with mild food and big, flavorful wines with big, flavorful foods. You also want to match the richness of the wine with the richness of the food. Serve dry, light-bodied wines with light dishes and full-bodied, ripe, creamy-textured wines with heavy dishes.

Pairing wine with food isn’t just for the hardcore enthusiasts! Even casual wine drinkers can enhance their dining experience! Check out our Food and Wine Pairing Guidelines for more.


2.) Wine as an ingredient

Wine can be consumed in more ways than drinking alone! You can use wine as an ingredient in a marinade, a cooking liquid or as a flavoring in a finished dish. Even just a small amount can infuse great flavor into your food. So whatever you don’t use to cook with, you can drink with your meal or save for later!

Check out our Recipes page for a few ideas!


3.) Wine has multiple health benefits

Surprise! Wine can actually reduce the risk of a heart attack! Studies have shown that those with high blood pressure can reduce their risk of heart attack by 30% just by having 1-2 four ounce glasses of red wine per day.

Also, the possibility of suffering a stroke drops by about 50 percent in people who consume a glass or two of red wine per day, according to a Columbia University study of 3,176 individuals over an eight-year period.

As always, moderation is key!


4.) Crafting with wine bottles and corks

After you’ve finished one of our amazing bottles of wine, don’t just toss it! Even a non-crafty person can create some neat items with just a wine bottle and cork.

Want a decorative light for the living room? Throw a strand of Christmas lights in a bottle and voila! You have an appealing and functional light source.

For the craft junky, try cutting wine corks in half and hot gluing a magnet to the back to create a cute cork magnet!

There are endless possibilities with your wine bottles and corks. Check out more ways here.


5.) There’s a type of wine for any situation

All wine is not the same! Just like you don’t eat at the same restaurant every time you go out, you shouldn’t feel obligated to drink the same wine all the time. In fact, different moods or occasions call for different wines!

During the hot summers, you may prefer a more fruity, sweet wine. During colder months, you may want to cuddle up with a bolder, rich red. If you’re celebrating a special achievement, maybe you do so with a sparkling wine. There’s even dessert wines for those looking for a treat!

Whatever the situation, there’s likely a wine that will make it better!


What other uses have you found for wine? Comment below to let us know!


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